Thomas Kuhn and Personal Transformation by B B Katta Academy

It is my belief and understanding that similar principles operate at different levels of multi systems.For example significant part of mass is invisible [recent estimate 94% in black holes] as well as significant part of psyche is invisible [subconscious]Don’t worry if my thinking is weird.
Thomas Kuhn in his famous work The Structure of Scientific Revolutions talked about scientific progress thru paradigm shift in thinking [episodic model] rather than gradual accumulation of scientific facts [“development-by-accumulation” ] .When current understanding of a issue can not explain the problem completely, entrepreneurs look for new understanding.
I want to apply this principle for personal transformation.We are what we are due to combination of our ovarian lottery [genetics],early upbringing and circumstances.We are guided by certain group of beliefs and value judgements about life,relations , wealth which provide structural framework for all of us to achieve homeostasis eg achieve most with least energy expenditure in the current circumstances.
Most of our core fundamental beliefs and the way we interact with world [inner and outer ] are formed during our formative years.They help with survival of fight and flight,fear and comfort,basic needs and love and compassion.These primal formative frameworks are fundamental and stored in the deeper parts of the brain.These beliefs systems are touched and challenged during extreme circumstances.Those extreme circumstances are usually imposed by external forces but you can train yourself like a yogi or elite athlete to achieve same results.Common components in achieving transformation include deprivation,pain tolerance, persistence and dedication ,believe about the change and personal High [Athletes high and occasional drug highs and religious highs].
Primal Beliefs

Current framework and beliefs
However life being what it is, time to time we are faced with situations and circumstances beyond our control [ Talib’s long tail events ]. During these periods our inner psych is churned like a Tornado as our internal mental Framework is not equipped to deal with these extraordinary circumstances.Mind being a Magic machine and a Healer looks for solutions and New Framework to understand new set of situations and circumstances.
Usually “TIME,MONEY AND RELATIONS control you unless you learn to control them” in relationship to personal perspective.
I saw so many people under extraordinary adverse circumstances change unexpectedly eg. change religion, become a saint,change names,moved to another place,become a hippie,break up and marry someone else only to realize few years later that problem is “WITH IN THAN WITHOUT”
How much you challenge your self depends on how much you can tolerate discomfort and willing to be open for new experiences and motivation and energy to carry thru against the mainstream.
Discomfort could be Physical,Intellectual,Emotional,Social ,Economic ,Moral,Religious and Spiritual.
If you challenge yourself physically eg. marathon runners,body gives warnings before they reach their full exhaustion.If you overcome that you can achieve a lot after that.Only by studying prolonged fasting did people realize that there is second pathway in the brain to supply energy thru omega fatty acids instead of glucose during emergencies.
If you challenge yourself emotionally, you look at life differently after severe adverse deprived conditions.That’s the reason you will never look at life again same way after extreme emotional experience like Losses and Highs.Only if you challenge your bias and beliefs,can there be new understanding of life.
If you challenge yourself economically,you learn to live within your means and love to live independently and realize money is only a means to achieve what you want.Most mega lottery owners are broke,bankrupt or dead as they have little frame work of mind to handle enormous wealth.Same goes for famous child stars and childhood prodigies.
If you challenge yourself spiritually,you can achieve true understanding of your position in the universe and achieve inner peace and tranquility.
Most of us spend our life regretting past and worrying about future ,ignoring the present even though that is the only thing that makes a difference.Universe has abundance of everything you want,it is upto you to develop mental structures and framework to take it.
Most of us spend our lives like being in a Canoe without paddles without any clear direction.Most of the time we get challenged by situations beyond our circumstances and we are least prepared to face such situations.However you can, by passion,dedication and training challenge yourself and change your framework of mind to be a better person.
If you are Entrepreneur,Your true METTLE is only known if you challenge yourself at every level to better yourself and the world around you.This should part of your life long learning and serving objective to make” OUR WORLD BETTER PLACE”.
Dr B B Katta

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